About Chicago C-arms

At Chicago C-Arms, our name says it all.  Residing in the heart of America, we are a premier C-Arm portable imaging system service and refurbishment team.  Our central location means we are capable of responding quickly for all your C-Arm service and system needs, and “ C-Arms” has to be part of our name because that is our passion and only focus.  While many companies claim to sell or refurbish c-arms, we offer you so much more.

  • Our engineers have over thirty years of experience with every type of C-Arm imaginable and have refurbished hundreds of systems.   Everyone in our company has taken a C-Arm apart down to its skeleton and everyone in our company understands the value of its components.  We know C-Arms and have seen it all.
  • You won’t get lost in our company.  We are a local, family owned business that puts people first.  You won’t dial the phone and reach someone new every time who doesn’t know your history and situation.  You won’t get bounced to parts or shipping or get lost on hold.  You’ll know who you will talk to when you call us.
  • We are one of the few c-arm companies in the nation with a showroom where you can come try out a refurbished c-arm to see if it is the right fit for you.  Since we always have c-arms in our showroom, we are also one of the few companies with the ability to have a rental or loaner ready on extremely short notice if that is what your facility needs.  Too many dealers or c-arm salesmen have no options to help you and no ability to show you anything live.
  • We find solutions personally tailored for you.  Ask the doctors whose facility demands meant that they needed multiple remote controls to be able to move their C-Arms from a distance for better patient care.  Ask the pain care clinic who needed a third monitor installed on their C-Arm to enhance their view and maximize their patient care.   We have the background and technical expertise to find solutions based on your unique needs or surroundings.
  • If your c-arm is ever in need of service, our first question is always, “When are your next cases?”  We care about your business and your patients.  We want to accommodate you and them with the least disruption to your schedule and minimize your down time.
  • We will find a system that is best suited for what your practice needs.  Too many companies try to sell you what is first on their inventory or systems with features beyond what you’ll ever need.  We pay attention to your types of procedures, patients, and preferences when we match you with a C-arm.   Our skills at refurbishing means we can provide you with a variety of systems and not just the next model on our product line.

If you are looking to add a refurbished c-arm as a way of increasing your patient care options and revenue; to find affordable, reliable service or a part for the c-arm that means such a difference for you and your patients; or to secure a rental c-arm for the lab you are holding the upcoming weekend, Please call or email us at Chicago C-Arms and see the difference.

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